Tower Hamlets Oil Collection

No need to pay to get rid of your waste frying oil. Have a group of locals take away your unwanted vegetable oil on a regular basis for free!

We are a group of residents in Tower Hamlets who use waste vegetable oil to fuel our diesels cars. We collect waste vegetable oil from chicken shops, office canteens, care homes and schools. We offer you a reliable free local collection service for liquid used cooking oil from.

We can collect waste oil in their original containers or we can provide suitable containers.

Whether you need a regular collection or a one off we can help. We normally require a minimum of 20L of oil be available each collection.

Waste Carrier License and Waste Transfer Notes

We are all individually licensed waste carriers so we are fully compliant legally to take away waste from commercial and domestic properties. Furthermore we will provide you a waste transfer note which will detail the item(s) collected. Which will ensure you are compliant with proper waste disposal.